Monday, 1 September 2014

National Thinking Of You Week Event

National Thinking of You Week has been launched by the Greeting Card Association to highlight the emotional power of sending and receiving greeting cards. The aim is to create a wave of love, caring and happiness across the nation by getting everyone to send a card a day during the last week in September.

We're so happy with this initiative as it's just exactly what our cards and our philosophy is about. We've never been about birthday cards; we've always been about special cards for special people (and that's all of us) for any occasion and for "just because" occasions. 
So completely out of character, we are joining in the celebrations and are holding a week long event at our HQ - it's actually quite exciting!

Woolly Sheep Greeting Cards

This is what we are going to do, and it would be fab if local people could come along and support us:
  • Pick up your address book and come to our HQ in Garboldisham between 9 and 12 every morning in the week of September 22 - 26
  • Choose up to 7 of our woolly cuddly cards at half price - what a great opportunity to have a good look at all the zillions of woolly animal cards we do, and to discover that we're more than just about sheep and dogs.
  • Sit at our lovely big kitchen table and write each of the cards to someone special in your life. We will have some creative help on hand to help inspire you 
  • Drink our tea or coffee, eat our cake (I must improve my baking skills, so am keenly watching the BBC's Bake Off series for some hints and tips!)
  • Enjoy some time out of your normal routine to sit and relax. 
  • We will post the cards for you - we will have stamps available.
  • For every card you write and send, you will receive a free raffle ticket. So 7 cards sent gives you 7 chances to win the raffle (which will be some sort of stationery products from our portfolio)


We will also be highlighting how we will be supporting our charity of the year. This year we have chosen to support Nelson's Journey, a Norfolk charity supporting bereaved children. You can read about the amazing things they do here

We will be showcasing these 2 activities at the business exhibition in Diss (open to the public and to businesses), Diss on View so do pop along and find out more

It's going to be a really fun week, and we would love to see lots of people queuing at the door with pen and address book in hand.
Will you be there?

Thursday, 28 August 2014

How to Turn Unwanted Greeting Cards into Colourful Bunting

For an inexpensive bunting have a go at doing something along these lines. 

I had a pile of greeting cards that we had discontinued, and since I hate waste of any sort, I thought I'd recycle them into a colourful length of bunting. Here's what I did:
I roughly tore the cards into triangle shapes aiming to get a rough edge along the torn edges

The rough edges will soak up water nicely; mix up some colour in water. Using what I had to hand I used ink for one colour and dilute watercolour for the rest. But you could use anything that is water soluble - experiment with acrylic or even food dye.

Dip the torn edges into the dilute colour so that the colour can be taken up by the paper: 

And hang the triangles up to dry; I used a clothes airer and some pegs as they were both handy:

Once you have a nice stack of colourful triangles it's time to chose your ribbon. I decided on this simple green and white gingham ribbon from Jane Means Ribbons. I think it looks fab with these colours and brings the whole together.

Collect together all that you will need to assemble your bunting. White pva glue is perfect, and I use either bulldog clips or clothers pegs to hold the ribbon in place while the glue is drying.

Sometimes it's easier to work on the floor!

And then you're ready to party, or decorate your room. The bunting is one sided, since the greeting card design will be on the back, but hey, it just feels so good to create something fun out of all those old cards (especially all those Christmas cards from previous years)

How have you recycled old cards in the past? I'd love to hear your creative ideas.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Kintsugi - adding new beauty

I recently broke a very special cup. It's not really a special cup and the saucer has long since been mislaid. But it's the cup I remember my dad using for tomato soup when I was quite a young girl. My parents divorced early on so I never spent as much time as I would have liked with him, but my memories of moments in time from that period are special; hence this tomato soup cup is special.

So I've made an attempt at mending it, inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pots - repairing the pots with gold, making a feature of the brokenness and celebrating it.

"The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places." ~Ernest Hemingway

I like that I have spent time with my dad in my thoughts while I attempt my repair. I've not followed the traditional methods, just used modern glues and gold powder, and I've not done an amazing job, but I have my cup back and it may feature as a prop on some of my product photographs.

I found this blog post by Sequins and Cherry Blossom really interesting:

Have you ever had a go at Kintsugi? Do share your photos with us!



Monday, 14 July 2014

Beauties and the Beast

Just a few beauties from the Great Yorkshire Show last week - I thought I'd focus mainly on goats here as there were plenty of lovely sheep for you from the Royal Norfolk Show last month. 
Goats - I really rather fell in love with them, but only had a very short time to admire them. That's the downside of doing shows on your own - just not enough time to look around.

Just a few shots of wash and brush up before the day begins:

And a little walk to stretch the legs:

And if all the goats were the beauties from this show, then this has to be The Beast - ugly pig!!

Finally, in case you thought I'd abandonned my love of all things woolly, here is a rather lovely teddy bear of a sheep:

some of the caged prize winning fleeces: 

and a rather splendid chair:

Friday, 27 June 2014

A Grand Norfolk Show

I don't get much chance to look around at the shows that I attend as these days I'm on my own. But in my short little wander this is some of what caught my eye this year at the Royal Norfolk Show - some of it is mighty big

A fab display from the oh so posh Breckland Orchard  - their Posh Pop is so refreshing during a long show

Tomatoes, on a grand scale:
And a chopping board on a grand scale. This is one of the amazing food safe boards from Paul Williams - made from Norfolk timber - all ready for one of the cookery demonstrations by James Martin at the show (Oops, I got into trouble for taking this!)

If you wanted something more manageable for your kitchen, how about one of these:

Back to large again - some of the farm machinery is enormous! 

Cows have always seemed huge to me - maybe because as a child I had to walk through a field of cows to get to the next door farm to collect the eggs.

Noses - I love animal noses!

 And the Norfolk Show is a fabulous place for spotting some classy dogs

Couldn't resist this collie, keenly watching a demonstration of something or other

 Always love this sign!

 A boy and his sheep

And last, but not least, this was my stand:

When you go to an agricultural show, where's do you head for first (apart from the loos, if you've had a long journey!)